The Church of All Nations, believing in God’s love for all people, seeks to:

  • witness to the Christian hope in God’s transforming power
  • offer worship that is participatory, relevant and welcoming and
  • serve all its neighbours with justice and compassion

So that it may be a church for all of Carlton

About Us

Situated right beside the Carlton estate, The Church of All Nations has a long history of supporting the residents of Carlton. We offer emergency support, women’s programmes, a homework club, a No Interest Loans scheme, computer classes, and a drop in space.
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Worship services:
Family worship at 10 AM on Sunday
7:45 on Wednesday.
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Street address of the Calrton Church of All Nations
180 Palmerston St
Carlton, Victoria
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Transforming Violence

Violence, and the threat of violence permeates all aspects of our life. Of course, it has ever been thus.

The examples, are numerous. The G 20 happening in Brisbane at this very time seems to be more of a military exercise than a gathering of leaders to talk. I assume they are our fellow citizens, not someone imported from a global hot spot – wandering around Brisbane with combat machine guns, helmets and flak jackets. It just does not seem to be the country I am used to. But then the world is a violent place. Fundamentalists of various hues have taken arms and seek to impose their will, violently, on innocent, frightened, cowering people.  Nightly we see this on our TV screens with that warning, “viewers may find the following images disturbing”.  I guess it is a small shred of evidence, just a shred,  that as a society we see that violence is actually unacceptable and we should not be showing you this anyway . . .  but what the heck everyone else is, so we will too.

The examples are endless – the violence that underlies electronic games; the so called ICE (the drug) epidemic and its related violence; and the continuing violence against women – and here we should note White Ribbon Day coming up on 25 November –an actual campaign against violence.

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